Happy Galentine’s Day!

From Me & Queen Bey


There are many reasons why Galentine’s Day is far better than its more popular predecessor. Countless, really. But this one’s my favorite…

Beyoncé cookies.

Last February I decided I wanted to do something fun and special for all the single ladies in my life that I love. And, of course, I was immediately inspired by Queen Bey and her epic anthems of female strength and independence (who run the world?). So I baked and I frosted and I piped – all while singing (and often dancing) to Sasha’s fiercest songs, and ended up with some adorable treats that gave my favorite girls a smile and good giggle.

So this year I thought to myself, how can I top Beyoncé?

As soon as the thought formed in my head, I knew I was being utterly ridiculous. What could be better than Beyoncé? That’s right – nothing.


So I decided to bake up more Beyoncé sugar cookies, just with a little twist. This time around, I stamped the lyrics onto the cookies and did some simple color-blocked frosting instead of the traditional conversation heart style. For the recipe, check out last year’s cookies.

I think Beyoncé would only have one word to say about these cookies: flawless.


I hope my single ladies love these cookies as much as I love all of them, because I’m thinking this is going to be my new Galentine’s Day tradition.


Spread some love this weekend, and all hail Queen Bey!


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