Salvaged License Plate Sign


From trash to treasure in less than an hour…

2015 was a big year for me to say the very least. While I pretty much despise celebrating the new year, I am one for nostalgic reflections, and there were a lot of big changes (some good, some bad) for me to reflect on this year. Graduating college and landing a real job for starters. And, of course, my first “big girl” purchase… a new car (and by new, I mean used).

That’s right, I finally broke down (pun intended) and bought the car I’ve been dreaming of driving since I first laid eyes on it in an episode of Gilmore Girls in middle school: a Jeep Wrangler.

I love my new baby, whom I affectionately call Blue Radley (because it’s blue, get it? So clever, I know). But the only drawback was that I had to get a new license plate since I switched from a sedan to a truck.

Now, I realize this wouldn’t be an issue for nearly anyone else, but I love my license plate! It’s the only surviving piece of my first car after a semi-traumatic car accident during prom weekend of my senior year, leaving it charmingly dented and full of memories. Plus, it had taken me at least 3 years to actually memorize the letters and numbers.

So naturally, I had to figure out a way to keep this beloved hunk of metal in my life. Cue the spray paint…


Giving my license plate a makeover really could not have been any easier. With only two steps and two supplies, I had a new piece of wall art in under an hour.

What you’ll need:

  • spray paint
  • sandpaper

All I had to do to turn my old plate into a funky sign was spray it with metallic gold paint, then sand over the letters and numbers once the paint had dried. So easy!


I love the way my plate turned out, and I love that I found a way to keep a little piece of my past alive in a fun, new way.

Happy crafting!


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