DIY Recycled Gold Vases

 …to spruce up any space


If you’re new to DIY projects or just don’t have hours on end to spend crafting during the holidays, this project is for you. I almost don’t want to call these bottles a do-it-yourself project, because you really won’t be doing much at all. But don’t worry, with just a little effort you can make these fabulous gold vases that are sure to spruce up your space this holiday season.

Let me tell you what you have to do to make these eye-catching and functional vases. Step 1, take bottles out of your recycling bin. Step 2, spray paint them. That’s it.

I said it was simple, right?


It could not be any simpler to upcycle whatever glass bottles you have in your house right now, but let me give you a few tips to make this process even easier.

If your bottles have labels glued onto them, submerge them in water and dish soap for about a half hour so the label and glue peel off without leaving behind any residue.

Next dry your bottles, grab some old newspaper and head outside to do your spray painting. Even if you have a lot of space to spray the bottles inside your house, I definitely recommend doing this project outdoors. It will give you a chance to enjoy the crisp November weather, and it prevents your whole house from filling up with spray paint fumes.

Depending on the type of paint you purchase, the amount of time it will take for the bottles to dry may vary. I laid my bottles on a sheet of newspaper, sprayed one side, and let them dry for a half hour as per the directions on the paint can. Then I turned them over and sprayed the other side. Once that side was dry I brought them in the house, filled them with flowers, and voilá, I have 4 new gold vases!


For just a few dollars (the cost of the spray paint) and an hour of my time, I was able to make this set of beautiful vases. I love how they turned out so much that I’ve decided to use them as a part of my Thanksgiving tablescape. Stay tuned!


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