September Sunshine and Secret Gardens

DSC_0431 The first cool days in September are always some of my favorite days of the year. The sun is still bright with evidence of summer in the blooming flowers and green trees, but the air has that autumn chill that makes me giddy. It’s the perfect time of year to get outside and enjoy the last bits of the summer season. On a particularly lovely September day, I hit the road to check out a little-known public garden near my home in northern New Jersey. DSC_0423 DSC_0422 Because it’s no longer the peak of blooming season, this well-kept public estate was nearly deserted, making it the perfect place to wander around and enjoy the fresh air, warm sun, and cool breeze. DSC_0429 Even though most of the flora on the property was no longer flowering, there were still plenty of petals peeking out amongst the lush greenery to give this peaceful spot some hints of color. DSC_0447DSC_0479 With temperatures maxing out in the low seventies my short-sleeved sweater and jeans certainly would’ve sufficed, but I was a little over-zealous for fall and couldn’t resist breaking out my hat and flannel. DSC_0466 DSC_0442 And I wasn’t the only one out and about on this gorgeous day. This little guy let me get incredibly close before hopping along on his way. DSC_0492 DSC_0427 Days like this make me excited for everything else September has in store for me! Get up, get out, and enjoy.


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