Cinnamon Swirl Coffee Cake


Light and fluffy with a decadent brown sugar-cinnamon swirl, my morning coffee routine just got even better.

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Pound Cake French Toast


Or should I say, French cake?

One of the things I love most about hosting Thanksgiving at my house is that we get to keep all the best leftovers – like my aunt’s moist and fluffy pound cake, which just happens to make the most decadent breakfast ever when you dip it in batter and fry it. #thankful Continue reading

Healthy Lemon Buttermilk Pancakes

…with (not so healthy) blueberry syrup!


After a long week of whole grain cereal, there’s nothing better than treating yourself to a real breakfast on the weekends. But breakfast foods (at least the ones I like) can be disappointingly unhealthy. As much as I love a Belgian waffle piled high with whipped cream and powdered sugar, it’s probably not the best way to start my day. So this Saturday I served up some satisfying lemon pancakes with blueberry syrup that hit the spot without making me feel like I had to hit the gym later. Continue reading